Tuesday, September 22, 2009


So we had the whole crew together a few weeks ago and decided to take some pictures in the mean time. Family pictures are sort of a nightmare but every ones happy to have them when it's all over. The more babies we add to the mix, the more difficult it gets. I wonder who will have the next one? 123 not it!!!!!
Sophie is starting a new lawn care business! Any takers?

My little brother is finally taller than all of his big sisters!

We tried our best to get a good one..

Sisters are forever friends......

I just love this one..

Sometimes we pretend like we're still newlyweds!

Bubba Jr.

She really does have an outie belly button

and the cutest little pot belly to go with it!


Natalie said...

I can't believe how old your brothers and sisters are! Such a cute family.

Tito and The Gang said...

Ya'll are adorable. How is it possible that you haven't aged one day in eight years?