Saturday, August 21, 2010

Beach bums

Seems like yesterday Melissa and I were begging my dad to buy us bathing suits and let us go on MTV Jams. It was not exactly yesterday.But,this is how we roll these days. We are official moms now. Melissa has a whole beach toy-chair system. She has these chairs that turn in to backpacks. They also have pockets for towels and toys.(Costco Rocks)! The kids and the moms had such a great day at the beach. We will be back for more soon. There's nothing in the whole world like a good day at the beach.


The Bell Family said...

Haha...MTV Jams! It was freezing cold and like 7 in the morning and we were being dry humped by black guys with grills. Aw, memories.

Beach days are the best. I can't wait to squeeze in more while you're here. It's been such a treat to have you guys visit us! You have no idea. Love you!

Trevor and Calyn said...

Looks like fun. Wish we were there!!! Have fun. Love ya!