Saturday, November 1, 2008


8 of my favorite foods
3.wahoo's fish tacos
4 bennihanna salad dressing
5.chinese chicken salad
6.triple shrimp rolls
7.a juicy Ruth Chris steak
8. fried rice from The Hong Kong

8 of my favorite T.V shows
1.girls next door
2.Dr. 90210
3.Lipstick jungle
4.Greys Anatomy
5 Private Practice
6.Celebrity rEHAB
7.bROTHERS AND sisters news

8 things on my to do list
1.Travel cross country in a motor home<
3.organize my closet (again)
4.balance my check book into my pre prego jeans
6.get my food storage up to date
7.get jaxon on a schedule
8.take life day by day

8 of the best things about my life
1.My kids are beautiful and healthy
2. My hubby is the bomb at organizing the fridge
3.I live in the mountains
4.I am a stay at home mom.... Although the term " Domestic Godess" is what I answer to.
5.My family and in laws are the best
6.I get to hang out with the two coolest people everyday husband "gets me".
8.Pretty much everthing

1 comment:

curryclan said...

so what is it with mormons and benihanna salad dressing? Do you know? I LOVE an organized fridge. It is a major problem for me! You have he rest of your to fit into your jeans. Enjoy your babies!!!