Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hulk/Jammie Party......

Jaxon and Xavier had what they like to refer to as an Incredible hulk party.This party was actually a ploy to get them to leave the park and maybe even take a nap when they got home. They were promised a "Hulk party" later that night,(whatever that means). The X man did not forget the promise made by his mom and I and begun talking about it as soon as he woke up. This party was unlike most parties considering there were only two guests, the dress code involved pajamas with feet, but most importantly you must watch the entire hulk movie. The party feast was a lavish spread of popcorn and redvines. Both of which were devoured by the two partygoers. the moral of this story is that if you tell a three year old a simple event is actually a party it suddenly becomes a lot cooler.

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