Monday, November 10, 2008

Maybe Ziggy will get a better response from Jan and the Debster............... nO gArauntees

Debbie is not a big fan of your skills

I got the best e mail from my mom this morning... She is in Boston on a business trip and apparently has a hip hop side to her that we never knew about. This is the exact e mail she sent, "We went to an LL Cool J concert last night, or whatever the hell his name is. I was wondering if you girls had ever heard of him? His rapping was terrible. Believe it or not some people were really getting down to the music. I'm off to see Ziggy Marley tonight and I have no idea who he is either". That was seriously the funniest thing I've heard in ages. She then calls me on the phone to ask me if I knew what LL stood for. "Ladie's Love" she tells me proudly. She is always full of suprises.........

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The Bell Family said... crack me up! I would pay good money to see you getting down at a LL concert.