Thursday, September 16, 2010


Finally! After many failed attempts at preschool, we have a WINNER! Jaxon loves his new school. He thinks he is so cool. He wakes up ready to go everytime. I catch him telling Ivy all the time about school and how she just doesnt know about all sorts of things because she's not in school yet. Ivy screams the whole way home every time we drop him off and then once more when we pick him up.
While driving to moms yesterday he said, "Im so sick of my sweaty weenie". I had to explain that is one of the best things about wearing underwear.(He wears None)! I went on and on listing the many benefits of wearing underwear. One reason was that if someone pulls your pants down it would be much better if you were wearing underwear than just a naked bum. Fifteen minutes later he says, "Mom, can you please just tell me who is planning on pulling down my pants so I can just be ready to fight that mean kid or go buy a belt or something"? Im always amazined at the way his mind interprets these talks of ours.

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