Monday, September 27, 2010

We are alive

iN NO PARTICULAR ORDER.... here are a few happenings in the last little while. The bbig news is my hot mama turned the big 50. I can't even begin to put how I feel about my newly 50 year old mama into words. I'll just say that "50 never looked better and she is my one and only hero". Love you mama...

Davey Jones lives with us now. He is very scary to put it lightly. He only grunts and says, "arrrg". This is the newest bin the costume collection. On another note.. Last night while driving jaxon was watching a sesame street movie that was all about dancing. (Ivy's movie). Out of nowhere he says, "Dad, can I please get some tap shoes and take some tap dancing lessons"? We are loving the Davey jones costume more and more everyday day now if it keeps him outta Tap class.
Ivy is two in two days and I still loves a good snuggle from her mama.

I was upstairs for a total of 5 minutes and returned to see this little sneak sitting on the couch with a poscicle and her own bag of chips that she got all by herself. I could'nt believe it. At least I know she could survive in the wild..

My prayers have been answered. Three back tickling-rubbing midgets at my service. I knew the day would come.Dream big people. Carmeled apples Rock my world. Sometimes if I have to make a bottle in the middle of the night, I scarf onbe down in a minute flat. They must taste better at 3am.

This was my enthusiastic apple making team. I swear they liked it. can't you tell by this picture?

and now I'm to tired to post anymore lame captions.........Use your imagination.

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Hayley Nelson Potter said...

Holy crap, your baby is going to be TWO? It doesnt seem like that long ago i was stalking your blog and seeing her as a new babe! She is a darling little girl.