Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Closing Time

Whityn turned the big one.

Ivy manhandled chickens

Summer is closing in on us way to quick. We haven't exactly been on a bunch of tropical vacations this summer, but we have spent it with the people we love the most. My mom always said, "Only boring people get bored". We are never bored and here's some picture evidence to back it up. Hey, I didn't say, "exciting"... Just not boring.

Zya< Jaxon> Breslynn... chased around some chickens at Whit's 1st Birthday party..

When the four of us get together I think people wish were were more boring.....

Jaxon makes a splash at the Judo picnic...

Ivy peeps out of the bouncy TeePee... She was taking a quick break from yelling the word, NO at every other kid in the thing.

Ivy latched on to Jazzy. Anyone that knows Ivy knows that thats a rarity.

Yep, we still have spa nights at the Carson house. I have stepped it up a notch lately and have been giving my spa treatments in a "scary slime mask" (as Jaxy calls it).


The Griffins said...

ur so cool. i really miss you afton carson..we need a girls...night out!!!! thanks for coming to the party.

The Bell Family said...

Oh how I love these pictures. For the love of all that is good and holy can you please stop spray tanning that child!! He is going to seriously hate you some day for posting those pictures all over the world wide web. Love you guys and wish you wouldn't tease me so and say you are coming to visit us down here when you aren't.