Sunday, August 1, 2010


It's so crazy to me to think that if wasn't for these two men... Jax and I would not be in this picture. My grandpas share the same birthdays and the same love for sexy women and big fish....

So this is the face I got when I told my dad to, "make a sexy face". I'm not sure if its sexy or scary. You decide.

Oh, how I just love a good round pregnant belly. Especially one that I don't have to carry around. My littlest sister in due in a few weeks and looking so adorable. Even her ankles have been good to her this pregnancy. Last time she was this pregnant, I was too. This time the little sister braved it on her own. I can't wait to love on this little girl that she has already named, LAYNIE...............

What a great weekend we had. My cousin Allie got married. That means all sorts of characters were in town to wish her well. I love it when my dad and his crew come to visit us here.

I sometimes think that my kids look so alike, and then I see a picture like this and for some reason they look so different to me.

My grandpa Dan.... Doing what he does best. Napping only comes in second to drawing, playing the harmonica,and copping feels on unsuspecting grand daughters.

Blayke is such a hit with with the little girls. They love playing "mama" to her and Ivy both.

Cousin Allison got married last weekend and was such a gorgeous bride. Jax thought she was a real live princess and was too scared to go near her. Sophie wanted to know, "Why that lady wear a tutu to church"?

Here's proof that we were all there. In all our glory.

This little belly button is so funny to me for some reason.

Cousin love

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