Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This is our cute new home........

It's really coming along and getting cozier by the minute. Wait till I post pictures of the enormous mountain lion that digs in our garbage... Stay tuned!
I promise this is where our rabbit lives! (don't judge)
if you look close you will see her litter box right behind her. She used to use it for it's purpose. She now uses it only to snuggle in..........Dammit!!

Do you have a bunny that lives on the rock that surrounds your fireplace? well, we do... So strange, creepy and cute all at the same time. Little miss Cinderella is not so little anymore. The lady at the pet store promised she was full grown and would always look like the sweet little supposedly litter box trained bunny she sold us for $24.99. She is getting bigger by the minute and is refusing to deposit her little pellets in her litter box. Now I'm not even sure that she's a she. I promise we have a cage less rabbit in our house that eats (I'm not kidding), one cup of rabbit food, 2 huge carrots, 1 celery stalk and whatever fruit scraps drop from the high chair a day. Thank goodness for the shop vac that I have plugged in ready to go every morning. I am starting to think that catching 15 grasshoppers a day for Fred the frog(R.I.P) wasn't nearly as painful as I thought. Sidenote: What the heck do people breed rabbits for? fur, meat, pets... Is this seriously a lucrative business? I can't for the life of me figure it out! I don't know anyone that eats rabbit besides my moms childhood friend (long story). $24.99 per rabbit isn't anything to write home about and I can't remember the last time I saw a tourist walking around the square in Jackson wearing a rabbit fur... please help me figure this one out!!!!!


Hayley Nelson Potter said...

What the...that is your house? It looks like a hotel. I love the decorating!!

Trevor and Calyn said...

Looks like a cute and cozy little place. Can't wait to see it!!

Tenille said...

Your house is cute! Wish I could come visit :)