Tuesday, August 19, 2008

When we were little

How cute was he back in the day?

My mom's makeup was awesome.
(She taught me everything I know)!

Most tech-savvy people these days have a scanner. I just got one yesterday and I may be overly proud.My blogging possibilities have suddenly sky rocketed. I've been finding random pictures around the house and scanning them on to the computer. Here's a few oldies but goodies that I thought were blog worthy.


The Bell Family said...

REMEMBER...you swore you wouldn't post any of our random (most embarrassing ever) high school pics. I have a scanner too by the way, so watch it!!

jessica said...

Hey afton, this is jessica- Congrats on your little girl! her room is amazing!! our blog is thesewards.blogspot.com check us out!

Tito said...

Your mom's hair is awesome. I think my mom had the same 'do and I was soooo jealous of the volume.