Thursday, April 9, 2009


How funny is this? Poor Ivy and Drake! Calyn and my mom turned them into baby cross dressers. They really do look like a boy and girl in this picture though! I can't stop laughing at this one.
Little Sophie is fearless in the water!!!!

Free rides from Daddy!!

Halle spent the night a few weeks ago and this is what I walked in to find them doing! Halle told Jaxon to pretend he was her boyfriend and that they were at a dance. These two really crack me up. They are always scheming up something together!

Halle and Jaxon loved the movie, "Monsters vs. Aliens"

Ivy and her cousin Drake. (Only 9 days apart)

So sexy and only 6 months old...

Six months old! Already 1/2 year old! Time flies...

Last weekend I decided it was time for a vacation! Well we didn't get very far but we had a great time swimming and hanging out with my family in Idaho Falls. Ivy even took a swim for the first time. Jaxon really thought we were on a full blown vacation! Give the kid a swimming pool, hotel and a suitcase and he calls it a vacation. I wish we were all that easy to please.


The Bell Family said...

I love those gettaways to IF. It really does seem like a vacation! We miss you guys!! My dream would be for you to live here with us and we could live at the beach with our babies. Maybe some day.

R and D Ginkel said...

Those pics are ADORABLE! I especially love the cross-dressing one!! So cute.

Lauren Ricks said...

I have kind of a crazy question...I noticed on Calyn's blog that you have an at home spray tanning machine. I'm looking to get one and was wondering what brand you use and if you know of any that don't make you look orange. Thanks, Lauren

jessica said...

hey i think i wanna do a tan party what all do i need? and what dates do you have available?