Saturday, June 20, 2009

Who's your daddy?

This is "Dan the man" This is the male version of me. My dad is the best dad ever. I can't really even put into words the respect I have for my dad. I am really blessed to have an example like this in my life. I do not however miss rubbing his feet for hours on end. I do miss the money I made rubbing them for a dollar a minute though! I love you Dad

Sorry Leonard but this picture really cracks me up. Leonard is my stepdad and has been a huge part of my life. You have no idea what funny is until you see Leonard on a wake board. Leo is a great grandpa to all six of his little papa leo lovin grand kids. Be sure to check your rear view mirrors because Leo can be spotted all over town on his moped wheelin and dealin with all kinds of unsuspecting shop keepers. Thanks for everything! I love you

This is Ross's dad, Rod who I kindly refer to as "Rodney Boy". He however like to call himself, "Old McBuff". Rod is famous for his crazy ways. We always say that he needs his own reality TV show. It would be a huge hit. Between my father and my father in law I have been given some of the most world class lectures about money, politics, hard work and my personal favorite given by Rod would have to be the, "Life is so damn expensive" Lecture. Rod has always treated me like the daughter he never had and I secretly think he loves me the most of all the daughter in laws and future ones. I am more than thankful for that. Love you Rodney boy

This is my Grandpa Gary! AKA Seawolf. I can't say enough nice things about this man. There's not a kid in the world who doesn't love "Papa Honey" Some of the most fun I had as a kid was at my Mammy and papas house. We would have hot tub parties, create menus for his bar, build snow forts, drink Margarita mix like it was going out of style, and pretty much anything you can think of that you weren't allowed to do at home. Happy fathers day SEAWOLF! I love your guts..

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The Bell Family said...

I feel like I need to comment on these men as well.

Your Dad: bought me a $20 bikini at the swat meet. I was so excited. Also gave me many lectures on being responsible and the ulterior motives that boys have. Thanks Dan!

Leonard: bought me Fiesta Ole at least twice a week for dinner. Crispy bean burritos and fruit empanadas. He gave us rides to parties in his purple truck and never made fun of our over the top outfits and how much make up we wore. He always knew how to rock a bath robe.

Rod: Love that man. He cracks me up with his curmudgeon ways. He acts tough but we all know he's a softy. We've had many discussions on how to be an effective landlord. Please do not ever rent a cabin from him and then stiff him on rent.

Your Grandpa was the first person to see my tattoo. He's not your typical over protective Grandpa.

You have great men in your life and I'm glad I've gotten to know them over the years