Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Maybe if we say it in Spanish"

Lately when we run into some sort of a problem Jaxon will say, " Mom, maybe if we say it in Spanish we can figure it out". I didn't get it until finally today it donned on me that these two little characters are the culprits of his new need to be a Spanish speaking four year old who has a magic backpack and begs for a pet jaguar. I heard the other day that Dora is receiving a makeover because their have been studies that little girls are more likely to watch a more sexified version of her. She's an explorer for hell sakes!!! although i would somewhat agree that her hair could use a little help. I remember a lady at a bunco party last year told this story about her new hair cut: She decided her hair needed a little updating and went to her stylist for some hot little bangs. She came home and her little girl said, "Mom, you look so beautiful because your hair looks exactly like Doras". The Dora cut was not the look she was going for, for some reason I crack up every time I think about that lady. Oh yeah the other day Jaxon asked me why he didn't have a Pap pi like Diego. "Because you just got a dad instead", I told him. Now run along and get some clean chonies on and this senorita will bring you a hot cup of choc-o-latte!

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R and D Ginkel said...

Awww. They shouldn't change Dora's look. I used to nanny a little girl who LOVED her. KIDS don't want to see a sexier version, it's the parents who are stuck watching the cartoon that do. . .so sad.