Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving (a week in review)

Let me just say that I am so thankful for all of the many blessing I have been given. I have such great family and friends. I am so thankful for my amazing husband who knows me so well and can almost read my mind. Our little family headed to Salt Lake city on Tuesday to meet up with my dad, Erin, brother and sisters for Thanksgiving. We had such a great time shopping, eating, relaxing, and laughing together... My Dad and Erin planned everything for us and treated us to so many great meals and fun things all week. Ross and I were so THANKFUL for a 100% free vacation for sure!!! Thanks so much Dad and Erin for such great family memories.We had Thanksgiving dinner at the Sundance resort. It was delicious. I really loved not having any dishes to do at the end of the whole deal.
We took all the kids to the Gateway Discovery Center and they had so much fun. We maybe had more fun than them pretending like we were news reporters and taking pictures of ourselves! My dad and I made a great news team.

Breanne and calyn Co-anchored the morning news together.

Ivy was a huge fan of the ball exhibit

I told you she was a big fan....

Ivy's looking for more scraps of stuffing under the tables.

Ross and Trev proudly sporting their new birthday snowboarding helmets.

"Cheese balls"

The Zachary gals............

The original Zacharys

I can't even explain my love for Tepanyaki. It's semi creepy really. Who doesn't love catching hibachi shrimp in their mouth? We love it.

Better luck next time Trev!

The legend prevails once again.

We even cruised up to park City for a day. I wish we were still there relaxing and pretending like we don't have any cares in the world.........

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R and D Ginkel said...

Love all of your cute family pics. You really do have the cutest little kiddos!!