Thursday, December 3, 2009

"Mom, am I famous"?

Even Ivy gets in on the action at Judo. Sweet little miss Hanna keeps her entertained for Jaxon's whole class. If it wasn't against the rules of the world I would hire this first grader up to be my new babysitter...........................................................
We live in a small valley and our newspaper only comes out once a week ( Thursdays). My friend, Jill showed me the paper and low and behold there was a picture of my very own little man. It is a picture of Jaxon at his Judo class with his sensei, (whom he adores) and his Judo homeys. I showed it to Jaxon and he said, "Mom, am I really famous"? I told him he was a huge local celebrity just like his mother (ha ha). Jaxon tried the Judo thing a little more than a year ago but was a little too young to really get it. We are on round 2 of Judo now and it is going so much better. He loves it and is so proud to wear his ghee. What is a gee? That's what I said and was promptly put in my place by his sensei and a couple of the Judo moms when I called it an outfit or even better.... a (costume). I am hoping to get him hooked up with the little toe head girl in the picture. How cute is she? The whole article is about his teacher recieving an award for being the local citizen of the month and it got me thinking that I have a lot of work to do to ever be nominated for that award. That is why becoming "Valley Citizen Of The Month" will be my new goal .... I will be accepting nominations now! "The Judo Tykes"

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R and D Ginkel said...

We'd vote for you as long as those pics never make it on your blog. . .:)