Thursday, December 3, 2009

From the mouth of Rod (My Father in law) Part 2

What in the world?

Tonight as Jaxon was walking over to the dinner table he casually said, " hm mm, I never knew we were supposed to skin Cinderella(Our Rabbit) put her in a big pot and eat her for dinner?". Ross and I both looked at each other like,"What The heck"??.......... "Grandpa Rod told me thats what we had to do", he told us. I asked him if he would be sad if we ate Cinderella for dinner and he said, "I guess so, she probably would be sad if we did that huh, mom?" We talked about how you don't eat your pets in bizarre detail and it was over and done. Well that's what I thought until I tucked him into bed and he asked me if Grandpa was going to use a big knife to skin the rabbit and if he wanted to use one of his pirate swords for the gruesome task. Thanks again Rod for your grandfatherly wisdom. We just love it!

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