Saturday, December 26, 2009

Would you rather???

Don't be shy..... I am dying to know if you would RATHER.............

  • Be a hunchback -OR- be an albino
  • Be considered Annoying -OR- Dull
  • Be known as the dumber identical twin -OR- the ugly one
  • Assuming both would find out.... Lie to a priest or a cop
  • Make your living manufacturing sex toys -OR- guns
  • Have no kids -OR- twelve
  • Breastfeed a seventy year old man -OR- a chimp


Adolfo Gutierrez said...
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Eric Requel and Bella said...

I love these.

-Albino, for sure
-Annoying, pretty sure people probably already think I'm annoying!
-Dumber twin, at least I'd still be cute!
-I could lie to both
-Sex toys!
-12 kids, I'd die if I couldn't have kids.
-Is the 70 year old man rich? If so him for sure. If not maybe the chimp!

WackermanFam said...

sex toys
Ha Ha Ha thats funny!

alicia.king said...

perfect example of great comparisons! I hate it when people say 'I would rather...' and compare a good thing to something better, well no shit!! You have to compare something of equal shittyness or worse morons! lol!