Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Big Daddy

Happy birthday to Ross!!!!

29 reasons why I'm your biggest fan....

  1. You are ridiculously handsome

  2. You finally gave in to rubbing my feet and are the best at it

  3. You want more kids

  4. There isn't a man I know who can organize the fridge or pantry better than you

  5. You make me feel so beautiful

  6. Jaxon wants to be you when he grows up

  7. You have huge hands

  8. you give a mean spray tan

  9. you can fix anything

  10. you make an amazing breakfast

  11. you are a great kisser

  12. my very best friend

  13. you can dance

  14. you change diapers and make baba's

  15. you have such faith in god

  16. you provide us with a great life

  17. you are an adventurous soul

  18. and an old soul

  19. you love my cooking

  20. you cuddle like a champ

  21. you love my family

  22. you are soo honest

  23. did I mention super sexy

  24. you are an amazing example to our kids

  25. you have such a weak spot for animals

  26. I just love love love your ever loving guts

  27. you call to check on me and just to say you love me

  28. you make me feel like I can do anything in the world

  29. I love that I really feel like I can with you beside me


Liza said...

Afton, it is so amazing and wonderful how much you love him. I just love that you found someone who is so perfect for you. He must be the best! Happy Birthday Ross!

Garth and Alicia said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday Ross!

WackermanFam said...

happy birthday Rosco!!!