Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas was great this year. I can't say we have had a bad one yet. I'm so sad to see all the decorations get put away until next year and the spirit of Christmas slowly dwindle away until next time. As usual our children were spoiled by everyone and we ate like royalty and traveled from house to house to make sure we could see all of our families. Merry Christmas and a big thanks to our "lovelies" who made this whole season so special! This year I was reminded that though sometimes it may be so chaotic and loud in house with kids running around every where and people filling up every little spot in a tiny living room, this is the kind of Holiday get together that I love the most and truly the only kind I've ever known. These are the memories that count and always come with a good/funny story to be remembered and shared for years to come!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on, What would a real family party be without someone drinking too much, some one's kid being sick, a dog ruining something, kids fighting over toys, someone else having drama with their boyfriend/ex/wife,etc............ All in all the love felt for each other makes all those things so funny and seem so trival. Our newest ornament!!!!!!
This is Jaxon at about 10 o Clock Christmas night. You can just tell by the look on his face that he had a great day. There really is nothing like Christmas when you're a kid!

A few days before Christmas we met up with Ya Ya for some holiday margaritas

Yes, this is really a Snuggie!!!! Papa Leo put on a good fashion show in his new "Snuggie"

I even got in on the fashion show! I'm never one to be out performed..........

My mom always makes Christmas feel so special! She's such a worker bee in the kitchen and is who all the little kids can't wait to see on Christmas day. Or any other day for that matter.

"Mom, Do you really think people will think I'm a real Sheriff"..... His words exactly!!!!!!!

Ivy thought she was so cool with her new ride on pony she got from her Ya Ya and John. It's so adorable! It even has a little basket in the front so she can put her babies in it.

These two lovebirds were hanging out at our place for the big "Santa Reveal"

Watching your own kids on Christmas morning is so priceless!!!!!

This was the big hit at our Christmas Eve dinner at Randy and Catherine's house. Donnie presented Rod with this hilarious blanket. It took serious convincing to even get him to pose with his new blanket. He really wouldn't want anything like this showing up somewhere on the Internet... Ha Ha

Emily and Ivy performing a duet on the piano!

I just love my little BFF/cousin Tori Jo

Like mother like daughter

The Wackerman Clan! I love how Donnie's cast matched his shirt. Now that's a "stylin" cowboy if I ever saw one.

Randy carving the most delicious prime rib ever. Secret recipe courtesy of: Uncle Bryan

Me and the MR.