Wednesday, December 23, 2009


"So you think you're a photographer?" I pretend I am! I love capturing all the little things with my camera. I am borderline annoying lately but I just can't stop snapping photos of anything and everything these days. One day everyone will thank me for all the memories!
We don't mess around here...... Everybody in this family has to earn their keep. We even go as far as to make our house guest chop firewood. Hey, times are tough and we can use all the free help we can get these days. Gone are the days of my beloved, "Conception" cleaning my house. Man, I really miss that woman. Jenna took her job very seriously and earned herself another night at the" Carson Casa". I may even throw in a Continental breakfast for sport..........

For old time sake..... these brothers still love to wrestle around like 12 year olds

Planks in the morning? This never happens in this house unless these two are in town. How cute are they with their vitamins, spammoosabi, and their morning exercise routine. More on the spammoosabi to come. It sounds disgusting but was actually really tasty! I'm a convert for sure..

Ivy just loves snuggling with Jenna and Uncle Ry Ry

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