Monday, March 22, 2010

Protests and shopping!!!

So saturday Blayke and I headed to Jackson in search of some dresses for Lauryn. Not an easy task when the dress hunter is a statuesque blond that stands 6 feet and 3 inches tall. We found one keeper and gave up on the dress hunt to do more important things.

We stopped in JH Clothiers so Blaykers could squeeze in a quickie snuggle with her mommy who was busy hustling tourists into buying coats and boots with big price tags.

Then I almost forgot the REAL reason we came to town... (wolf protesting), of course. We snuck a photo with this wolf hater under the antler arches and I dared Lauryn to yell obsenities to some wolf lovers, but she refused. I threatned to embarrass my sweet little teacher friend by joining in on the protest a few times but she somehow kept me under control.

Then I almost bought this sheared beaver/fox fur coat that cost just a mere 6,000 bucks. I really thought about it! Then I remembered that my poor kids would have to starve for the next year and I would be quickly served divorce papers from my sweet Roscoe. What? They don't take layaway?. I just had to settle for this picture of me in my 6 grand coat instead. This is so the face I would make everytime I wore this coat if it was really mine to wear. I would have no choice!!!


Anonymous said...

YOu...MY dear...are seriously ONE of a KIND...I love it. Thanks for protecting my innocence....that picture is quite funny...yet disturbing all the same...jees. by the way..I ordered up some shoes and I am all set for my wedding week. yeah..thanks.
Lauryn Griffin

The Bell Family said...

Oh how I miss those random JH shops. What? $14,000 for this bejeweled turquoise belt buckle? I did enjoy that cute jewelry store. Is that still around?