Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Got goats milk?

Jax and I had a secret one hour date the other day at the pool. I'm so in love with this little boy. i can't think of a better date in the world than eating ice cream and going for a swim...

My baby will be 5 tomorrow. I'm hoping he will snuggle me forever anyways...

If only I had my very own 7 year old to travel with me everyday to hand the baby girls their Binky's and entertain them in the backseat wherever we went. I just secretly wanted to keep little miss Hana.....

Sometimes I have to get out and embarrass my best girl with my famous moves.

We are vagabonds to put it lightly... This is our new pad.I love it just like I love all the others. I have such a great time making each new house "A Home"..

Tori and I had some wieners the other night and couldn't help but dive in to the fascinating reading material they have available for their most valued customers.

We just love looking at hot naked chicks while we feed baby goats and eat the most delicious weenies in town.

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