Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Lazy blogger is my new name. Hmmm, What's the most important things to write about? Rachel turned 50 and was so surprised to be sent for a spa day and surprised later on that night with a party at her house with her mom, sisters, kids, grand kids, and a bunch of friends. There's just nothing like a surprise that really is surprising! Ryan had a baby... Named him Chance. He's blond and rowdy. We had such a great time entertaining family at our house. We stayed up late every night laughing and telling stories. I caught a mouse in my pantry. Yippee. I promise the old blogger is still there inside me somewhere, I just can't find her today!!! I have a lot more pictures too I'm just having a hard time posting them right now because I don't speak computer mumbo jumbo. Maybe if I would have graduated from college I could! Life's rough when you have Giarrdia..

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Trevor and Calyn said...

I love how you through in "Life's rough when you have Giarrdia". You sure are a funny gal. Hope you start feeling better!