Monday, November 15, 2010

Cat lady's need turkey too.....

For a former "Cat Hater" I seem to have turned over a new leaf. This one has been living with us for a month or so now and we all secretly love her. We named her Lizzie and hope she is a girl. She is the sweetest thing and a killer in the mouse department. She just showed up here one day and never left.

I promise I'm not turning into a cat lady. Please stop me if she makes an appearance on our Christmas card. I realize that may be crossing the line.

Every day Jaxon has been talking about how he needs to practice painting daddy's face. Practice for what? I don't know.. I'm just hoping it's a phase. Ross finally gave in and I can't believe how great he did. Jaxon's career hopes of being a Power Ranger are somehow looking better than a face painting clown or a makeup artist.

The Griffins had us over yesterday for the most delicious pre Thanksgiving dinner. It got me so excited for the real thing. The turkey was better than any turkey I have ever had. I think resting the bird for a good amount of time may be the secret. Jordy knew how to make, "real gravy". I believe the gravy can really make or break the whole dinner. Gravy should never ever come from a jar or a packet as far as this girls concerned. Lauryn's mom made the most amazing cream cheese pound cake once while she was in town. (I frequently fantasize about it). Lauryn made it just like the one her southern mama made for me. It was amazing to say the least.

Ivy and Whit trying to figure out what is "MINE" "MINE "MINE"

Jaxy and Jenzi.... They were adorable together. They almost made up for the bad behavior Ivy was recklessly throwing around.

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