Saturday, November 27, 2010


I am so THANKFUL.... for healthy children, an amazing family, freedom, and..

Great friends. I don't have many but I sure do love the ones I have....

Thankful for this funny little boy of mine who loves to dress up in 5 costumes a day. This is him dressed up as a "DAD"....

Thankful for my babies daddy. Double thankful for the drawer organizing he pulled off today.

Thankful that I am almost done with Christmas shopping thanks to the ad hunting-crowd fighting momma of mine. We seriously did'nt go to bed on Thanksgiving night. Ross, mom and I headed out at midnight. Ross kinda got into it. We told him it was a competitive sport and he was in the Championship game. This time there were no balls involved though. The balls have been swapped for wild housewives, zhu zhu pets and a whole bunch of other strange characters that only a Wal Mart store on Black Friday can bring toghether. My mom and I battled out the last few hours on our own in a two hour long line that she seriously forced me to wait in with her. Did you know that they make men's Shape Up shoes? Yeah, Neither did we. Needless to say we were horrified and had the whole line talking about this creepy shoe that somehow makes your buns tight and your calves slammin just by walking. I thought the womens ones were scary enough. I can only dream of the day I get to spot a real man wearing these suckers. Please take a picture for me if you find one.

I am very thankful that I don't really have a lazy eye or semi Tangerine tinged skin. Just in this picture....

Mammy makes me thankful for so many lessons learned. Thanks to her I can bake bread, make jam, and drink a (cool one) all at the same time.

I am thankful for Blaykers and the sweet way she has finally captured Jaxons heart. (Finally). She is getting so close to walking and we can't wait till we can chase her around.

Thankful that IVY can tell us what she wants these days. Its truly life changing. This is her talking to Grandma on the phone. She asked Santa for a cell this year.

And very thankful that my kids are turning into the cutest friends. This is them performing dance routines while we watch DWTS. And yes, Ivy loves wearing Jax's Undies. I could go on and on forever and a day with all the blessings in my life I am so THANKFUL for today. GRATITUDE..... Here's to hoping we can all express it more and more.


Eric Requel Bella and Lyla said...

Afton, you and your family are so gorgeous. I love checkin in on your blog! Hope you guys have a great and happy holiday!!

The Griffins said...

hope i got counted as a FRIEND...hehehehe. sorry i didn't get to shop with you guys...I love that ROSco went...jealous you are almost done with shopping? wow! wanna go to a movie wed night....the romantic comedy type???