Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Who new Mary poppins had a Brazilian Grand daughter?

Now that I'm sort of a working girl I had to figure out someone to watch my kiddo's. They have never been to daycare and for some reason everytime I thought about it I would tear up. Lucky for us, we met Renata. She is recently married and just found out she is pregnant. Jaxon thinks he speaks Portuguese now and Ivy kisses her the second she walks in the door. The other day I told her that Ivy called her, "Tunata" and Jax calls her, "granata". She laughed and told me that I have been pronouncing her name wrong too. I guess the "R" in Renata sounds like an "H". Well, whatever the hell her name is.......... We really love her! For some reason my mom busted out, "head,shoulders, knees, and toes" the other day in Portuguese. I'm still laughing about that one for some reason.

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curryclan said...

that is so funny! She is cute...send her over to meet Lily