Sunday, April 3, 2011

They just keep coming

The other Carsons came for a visit. Ivy followed Emily all over the place. Jax would'nt let Dallin leave his side. I remembered just how much I love and miss my sister in law and just how much Ross needs his big brother around.

Jax is all about doing his hair just like Dallin's these days.

My mom paid us another visit too. This time she brought along her partner in crime and sister, Diane. The crazy duo stayed in last night while the hubby and I grabbed a drink downtown. Thanks, Ladies!

Ivy got dressed up like a barbie in this wig created by "Paris Hilton". She looks like shes 7 when she's wearing it. We almost had my mom talked into picking up her sister from the airport wearing it. ALMOST..

We hit up this fun piano bar downtown called, "keys on main" last week with Tasha while John was in China doing all things Chinese.

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