Tuesday, November 1, 2011


 This year Jaxon's dream finally came true! He was painted up by a pro (not mom) and turned into the scariest Werewolf I have ever seen. Ross's cousin, Eric is an artist and was so nice to give Jax the best paint job before school on Halloween. Since Jax is my first baby in school this was the first time I got to help in a class party. thought about doing a cake walk. baked  4 cakes on Saturday. All of them stuck to the pan and the counter tops when I turned them over to decorate. I freaked out! I had no choice but to make my classroom debut with candy and tattoo's as treats for the winner of my SORRY game of broomstick limbo. It was a hit (thankfully).

Jaxon thought he was a real life movie star. Thanks again, Eric.

The good news is that I finally got to meet the mysterious girlfriend, "EMMA". I think it's official. I saw them holding hands during carpet time. I still have no idea who her mom is which is probably a good thing since I have made a You Tube video with her name and (now infamous) white skin in the title.

and then..... Joe Dirt, Axle Rose, Randy Carson (as a teenager), or  Brett Michaels, Bat Girl, The Baby Witch, and the Werewolf did some old fashioned trick or treating in Shannons neighborhood. Her birthday is on Halloween and she calls herself a professional Halloweenista. That she was for sure. The kids got tons of candy and a SODA???? in their Trick or Treat bags. This was the first year my kids didn't have to wear coats over their costumes. I'd like to say it all ended nicely but......... It was time to play  turn " The Werewolf" back into Jaxon the kindergartner for school the next day. Lets just say it ended with me in the shower armed with a pumice stone and every species of soap in our house and....... a wrinkly, whiny and red faced boy whose face apparently wanted to remain a Werewolf for time and all eternity.


Shannon said...

SO FUN!! i loved ross' axel rose outfit! you guys rock, we should plan a super fun pre trick or treating party next year!! love ya!!

Natalie said...

So cute! I love that you and Ross dressed up too!
I will be out of town this weekend but would love to get together next week or the week after Thanksgiving! Let me know when you are available!