Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanks Again..

Tasha and John hosted Thanksgiving this year. They pretty much host everything.. I am so grateful to have a place to go wear I am am fed, entertained and  drinks are flowing on any given holiday or any other day of the week. Truly Grateful for Tasha (especially since I moved here).. I brought this sexy salad to Thanksgiving along with a slush drink that everyone seemed to hate. Dang...

   Thankful that sweet little Witney is really not drinking this wine. Tori Jo is THANKFUL too (More for TORI). It's always so fun when "My Tori" and Blaykers come to town. I miss those girls so much.

 And then the Hostess of the year had Santa come to sit in the Pergola and give the kids a gift on Saturday while they sipped Hot Chocolate that was accompanied by Pintrest worthy Marshmallow stirring sticks. Santa was really shy and happened to live next door to her. This is the best picture I got so it looks like we will be headed to the mall for another shot at the 2011 Santa photo.
And I am grateful for a tall and sexy husband who works so hard for our family! I love this guy (Most of the time)!!!!!

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