Wednesday, December 7, 2011

31 Flavors

              31 flavors of LOVE

(in celebrating Ross turning the big 31)

  1. He is a great kisser
  2. He wrestles with me and the kids
  3. He loves his family and extended family
  4. He is feircly loyal
  5. He can fix anything
  6. He can make killer omlettes
  7. he can polish concrete like "nobody's business
  8.  He says his prayers
  9.  He is a sexy dancer
  10.  He can organize a fridge like a true pro
  11.  He can (sorta) braid hair
  12.  His nostril flaring is intense
  13.  He does push ups every night in the living room
  14.  He secretly likes the Bachelor and The Real Housewives
  15.  He worships his brother
  16.  Helps his Grandma
  17.  Tells me I'm a ten
  18.  works in the cold
  19.  Rarely complains
  20.  Makes coffee in the morning
  21.  Can cry at a movie
  22.  He is a wuss when it comes to Ivy
  23.  He has big dreams for our future
  24.  Says he's sorry when he really is
  25.  Worries about me driving (ha ha)
  26.  He can bust out some moves with glow sticks that could rival even a rave pro
  27.  He loves to win
  28.  He did my make up (once) and it looked pretty good
  29.  He is honest and trustworthy
  30.  He is such a giver
  31.  He makes my days so much better


Calyn said...

Happy Birthday Ross!!!

Mrs. Griffin said...

love love it!!!!