Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Part One

  We took to the road this Christmas. We were a traveling clan that looked much like the Clampits. We went to the mountains first and had such a great time with Ross's brother Randy and his family. We stayed with them and ate the most amazing food I can remember eating in a long time. The kids played in the snow and followed around their "Hero Cousins" the whole time. Catherine the Christmas Warrior stayed up till 5:30 am on Christmas Eve and woke up ready to roll at 7:30 for the big Santa Reveal.

       There is something so magical about being in the mountains for Christmas. It made me miss my old home and the people we used to see daily. We had a delicious dinner of Seafood Chowder at Ross's moms on Friday and  opened  the first round of gifts of the weekend. We went to my moms after church on Sunday and were greeted with an amazing prime rib dinner and a whole new batch of gifts to open. We always love being at my moms and all the perks that come with it. Here's some photos from my moms house........................................................................................
                                    Vanilla Ice 1 and 2 keepin it real for the holidays

                                     I am Davids favorite niece. If you don't believe me just ask him.
Seawolf loves Bobbie
 Papa Ivan played legos with Jaxon FOREVER. Jaxon was in heaven and Papa Ivan was a great sport

 We payed little Laynie a visit at home at she showed off her new tricks of letting you hold her until she saw her mama walk by and then she would make the saddest face in the world and hold out her arms for mama!
                         Sophie and Ivy are always good for a pose when the see a camera....

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