Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Happy Girl

Let me share with you you an amazing friend of mine! She is my neighbor and super mom to a real life miracle

Girl. She is inspiring in every sense of the word and blogs about her journey so beautifully. She has a rare

story. Like [1 in millions} kind of rare.

She shares it with bravery and honesty. She is a modern day mom, advocate, daughter, and lover of the

Good Stuff that we all have all around us everyday...... yet somehow fail to recognize as "awe inspiring"

She is simply inspiring to me and everyone she touches with her shy smile or through her blog. Click here to

find out for yourself.......
This is  Tahnie and her baby love....SOOKIE

Tahnie has no idea how much she reminds me of the precious moments in life. She doesn't know how much

she reminds me (without saying a single word) to breathe in the NOW of the mundane and find a way to

make my own mundane into miraculous. The last and pretty much only significant snow we had

here I walked outside to see something I will never forget.  Nothing super unusual at all, but the way it touched

me was incredible. I walked outside late at night and heard 2 year old giggles and a mommy's voice

ho-humming a song while she twirled he little girl around a hundred times in her driveway. Just the two of them

in the late late hours of the night. It's things like this we all imagine doing all the time but get busy with every

thing else that keeps us from enjoying simple things like late night big flakes and dizzy spins in the driveway

with our own baby loves. I kept Jaxon home from school the next day just so we could enjoy the

snow. I assumed she was taking full advantage of the big flakes just in case they would never come down like

that again. I did the same thing after watching her spin and listening to her song.

You can find Tahnie at     (You'll be glad you did)

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tahnie said...

You are so sweet! Thank you for making me smile!!!