Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter in the hood

Laynie secretly loves me more than most people. She lets me hold her, snuggles me, and gives me love pats. I am convinced we have a special bond. I am working on teaching her to sign, "Aunt Afton Rocks".
Ivy loves to swim and sported her floaties with  pride.
This is a picture of the Easter swimming crew (minus Laynie) 3 of them belong to my sister, Breanne who conveniently forgot her bathing suit. Good thing all of her kids are great swimmers!
I do have a long pony tail blowing in the wind that you can't see in this picture. I did not bob my hair as you may think from this picture. We had a great Easter at my mommas. I kept my hair long and we hunted more eggs than I care to mention.

Ross and Ivy fed the geese stolen rolls from the brunch that we enjoyed at the SHILO

The kids loved the live Easter Bunny that randomly hopped into our room while we brunched our hearts out

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