Friday, June 20, 2008

Death to the Binky or not?

I can't decide how I feel about the all mighty Binky. We all know how Jaxon feels about it! Pure Love. On one hand the Binky is starting to get semi embarrassing. I'm starting to get the looks at the store and the, "He still has a Binky, how old is he" comments. I also hate the locating of the missing Bink's. He's honestly taken it to a level most kids don't. He requests certain colors of Binky's, covers them with blankets and tells me, "SHHH, my Binky's are resting". Then there's the most annoying part of the Binky problem. One is never enough. Ever since he was tiny he's insisted on having at least two with him at all times, and that's on a good day.
The other part of me says that your kids grow up so fast, whats the harm in a Binky or a blankie? He's not going to take it to kindergarten. At least that's my hope! I also find it endearing when he's runs through the house looking under furniture yelling,"Binky's, Where are you". Then there's the hereditary factor. I vividly remember giving my beloved "WA" to the garbage man when I was about his age. My parents plan back fired because I sucked my thumb until at least seventh grade. My mom would taunt me with, "Bucky Beaver" and put spicy stuff on my finger. Nobody could stop me. My mothers intuition tells me that no one can stop Jaxy either. Addiction runs in our family.

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Tito said...

When you figure it out, please let me know. Gus is MADLY in love, obsessed even, with his "mi-mi". We have cut it down to nap and bedtime only (kind of), but he just loves it so much it makes me feel bad. Every time he gets a hold of it he closes his eyes for a good thirty seconds and just sighs - as though he has been waiting for this moment all day. Kind of like how I feel about beer.