Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Jaxon!

Jaxon turned the big 3 on June 27th. I'll save you all the time flies mumbo jumbo, but it really does. On Friday we took him to see Kung Foo Panda and to his favorite restaurant that unfortunately has to be Sizzler. Later that night before he went to bed he said, "thank you for my birthday party at Kung Foo Panda". So cute!
Needless to say he was really excited to find out the real party was yet to come. Jaxon requested a monster truck cake. A monster truck cake is what he got. My mom did such a great job on the cake. Jaxon's favorite part was the doughnut wheels. It was a great day and a great party. Jaxon says it was, "The most awesomest day ever". I feel so lucky to be his mom.


Natalie said...

Happy Birthday to your little boy! Wow 3 years old! Love the monster truck cute!

Hayley Nelson Potter said...

Oh I love birthday's for little ones. Its just so fun to see how excited they got over something so a cake. Happy birthday to Jaxon!

Tito said...

What a sweetie boy! Happy Birthday Jax!