Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My sister, My friend....

Happy 22nd birthday calyn! It seems like only yesterday you were stinking up the car, dressed up in a cheerleader costume, wearing way to much make up and glitter on your eyes,sleeping with E.B., asking mom what BJ's were, going to jail for trespassing, and planning a wedding. Now you are a wife and a mom to be. I love your guts Cali.

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Mcbride Family said...

Hey, so yeah we want 4 kids. We are actually trying for our 3d!
AND congrats on being pregnant, and having a girl!!! Now you will have one of each. How many you guys want?
And about the whole "binky" issue, WHO FREAKIN CARES if he has a freakin pacifier! If it makes him happy and comfortable then so be it! Its not hurting anyone! SO, you just let him keep it for a while. Thats what my mom kept telling me!