Monday, July 7, 2008

Jackson Lake

We did manage to squeeze in some fun this weekend. We met up with the other Carsons on Jackson Lake and did some fishing. I forget how gorgeous it is there everytime we go. There really is nothing in the world like it. jaxon is always talking about fishing.
JAXON: "I'm gonna catch em, cook em in a pan and eat those fishes"

His bark is bigger than his bite. When Dallin caught a fish Jaxon freaked out. The only part he was into is when Randy cut the head of the fish. go figure! We got back to the camper at about 11:00 and there was a note on the door from the park ranger that said, "This area is deemed unsafe by the national forest service due to bear activity". All the Carson girls freaked and the camper had to be relocated to a safer spot. Scary huh?

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