Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jaxon's getaway with the Grandparents

My little boy has returned from camping in Island Park. I was so excited to pick up Jaxon from my mom's yesterday I could hardly stand it. I walked in the door to find him clinging to my mom crying and yelling, "But I don't want to go home". What a traitor, right?. This is not the first time I've drove away from Grandma Debbie's house wondering what she tells him about me when I'm not around.
At least I don't have to wonder if he had a good time! Jaxon and Halle were treated to jeep rides, four wheeler cruises, rock skipping and way to many ice cream cones and smores.
Every time I get pictures back from my mom there's always at least one that involves grandchildren wearing one of her trademark visors. These are no ordinary visors. These are specially made for her and include all the neon colors in the rainbow, not to mention a one of a kind scrunchie-esqu thingy acting as the back of the visor. This part is intended to make sure your hair still stays big and sexy while wearing the visor. Thanks again for the much needed break you awesome grandparents! He had the time of his life.

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Tito said...

I am dying at him in a floral visor.