Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom..

Making the decision to have a child is momentous..
It is to decide forever to have your heart go
walking outside your body"

Bubba at her finest

Rockin the sweatsuit

Born to be a mom

My mom turned one year older and one year sexier on the 4th. Is there really any way we can put into words the we feel about our mothers? My mom is simply the most amazing woman that ever lived. I've never seen a more devoted mom or grandma. My moms three girls were and are her whole life. You never really understand the magnitude of what your mom did for you until you have your very own kids. In the first new days of being a new mom I remember looking at my little baby and thinking, "I can't believe this is the way my mom feels about me too".
My mom is truly her own breed! She's full of so many crazy quirks. It's all just part of her undeniable charm. Some of my favorite "momisms" from her are: "Only boring people get bored" and "Being pissed off is a lot better than being pissed on". My sisters and I often talk about what a legacy we have to live up to in order to be even half the mother she was to us. Everyone she's ever met falls in love with her. Maybe it's the Bourne Butt! I love your ever lovin guts mom.


1. She pretty much invented the leisure suit and still sports it proudly
2. She laughs hysterically when other people get hurt! (Sounds worse than it is)
3. She's a sucker for purses and makeup
4. She used to make us bake cookies for homeless people on odd holidays. I'm sure the homeless really loved our green homemade shamrock cookies
5. She used to make us bring playing cards into rest homes and attempt to play cards with the residents
6. Her tiny body bore three girls over ten ponds each
7. She is an addict when it comes to Pepsi (In a can)
8. She refuses most medicine even when it's necessary
9. She is an amazing cake decorator
10. I've never seen her nap
11. She believes that Binkys and Bottles should never be taken away
12. She used to scare us kids by putting a nylon over her head and pretending she lived under our beds and survived on cracker crumbs.
13. Growing up in a house with all girls we were naturally curious about man parts. She solved the mystery by showing us a playgirl centerfold. Mystery solved. We were terrified.
14. She used to rake the carpet after vac cumming it to give it those perfect OCD line she craves
15. Her hands are unfazed by 130 degree dish water
16. She is a world record jump roper


Eric Requel and Bella said...

That is such a nice shout out. Mom's are the best!

Tito said...

A - your mom is awesome.
B - you are hilarious.

The Bell Family said...


Some of my favorite Debbie memories...

#1 On Halloween you made Leonard dress up as a homeless/hitch hiker and then offered him a ride while we all screamed our heads off. (to this day that was the most scared I have ever been!)

#2 Late night talks at the bar in your kitchen while you scrubbed the counters for hours. (you always seemed to care about what was going on in our matter how lame.)

#3 When I'd spend the night at your house, you always made us a delicious dinner, ordered us a free movie from Cableone, and you even did my laundry. (your laundry always smelled SO good b/c you used fabric softener and my mom didn't).

Love you Debbie! You are an amazing Mom and Bubba!

Alicia King said...

that was great to hear about you growing up with your awesome mom! love the playgirl story!