Tuesday, September 2, 2008

1st day of preschool.......

All ready for his big day!
The signature 1st day of school porch pose!

A call from Grandma to wish him luck!

The time has come. My little boy is growing up. I can't believe he is already in preschool. I used to hear stories from women about how hard it was to send their little ones to school and think they were such saps. I have become the biggest sap ever. Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones but I have cried over this day way to many times.
This weekend we got all the first day of school gear. Incredible Hulk lunch box, A backpack, and special treats for his lunches. Jaxon is more than excited to have his own backpack and lunch box. In fact I've never seen him more proud about anything ever. He goes 2 days a week to the Teton Valley Community School. This school is amazing. They raise their own chickens, have horses, a garden, an Olympic size sandbox, and all the coolest toys. Inside, the class is setup with creative learning stations everywhere. The kids can paint, color, bead, build train tracks, do wood work (Complete with the littlest safety goggles I have ever seen),read stories and play with fire belly frogs.
I lingered at school a little longer than most of the moms just to be sure he was O.K. When I told him goodbye he asked if I could stay at school with him. I told him They don't let moms go to preschool and that I was already a graduate of preschool. That answer must have been good enough for him because he was waving goodbye to me right after that. I know it's just preschool but I can't help how proud I am of him. I can't even imagine what it would be like to watch your child win a gold medal or graduate from college. I can't wait.


Natalie said...

What a fun day! I bet it was hard, but you will love the little time that you have while he is away...especially when your little girl gets here!

The Bell Family said...

Wasn't it just yesterday that we moved here and the boys were 4 and 7 months old? What the heck? By the way, that school sounds amazing. If by some miracle we are still here I may send Xavier there next year.

R and D Ginkel said...

Congrats on Jaxon entering preschool!! It was great to see you in I.F., sorry we couldn't chat longer, we were a little rushed!! Maybe next time we can meet up for drinks or something if we're in town at the same time!!