Monday, December 1, 2008

The Carson's get sealed for all time and eternity

"Just Take a look at these sexy temple goers"

Now don't get too excited.. It wasn't these Carson's. Ross's brother Randy and his family went through the Rexburg temple on saturday. They all looked gorgeous and so happy. What a great example they are to us. We all celebrated with a delicious dinner at Stockman's. That place is seriously so good. Congratulations to Randy and Catherine for making it official. We love you guys!!!


♥ sheena said...

That is SO SO SO awesome! Kathryn is so cute. She was my Y.W. leader a long time ago.

And I LOVE Stockmans! That place is so good!

You're looking fabulous too! Seriously, I'm coming to you for tips after I have another baby.

Paul and Aubrey Young said...

This is a great pic! I don't know if you know me but I went to school with Ross and Ryan. Small world, but I was at Stockmans the same time as the big dinner!

Alicia King said...

well Congrats to Catherine and her family, they all look great!

Shannon said...

Oh so sweet! I am so happy for them. They look Beautiful!!

I love the little Photo shoot of your cute little kiddos! Seriously you are so gorgeous, your prob'ly already into your skinny Jeans..."You Suck!" hee hee