Monday, March 23, 2009

The Carson's go Road Trippin
Jaxon and xavier attepting to pet a few friendly stingrays

These were the prettiest birds I'd ever seen. I still think about bird Flu everytime I see them though!

It was so fun to get to see Melissa and her new life in California

Here's us wishing we lived somewhere a little warmer with a little better shopping. oh, wait that might just be me.

How cute is this little pirate??????

We had a great day at the Long Beach Aquarium. The kids got to pet sting ray's, check out the shark tanks, and look at some of the craziest looking marine life. One part of the day I'd like to forget is when Jaxon went up to a little girl about his age and said, "Excuse me, are you chinese?"

Ross and I even managed to get a little freedom one night. We went to the Icehouse in Pasadena and saw the funniest comedian named Craig Shoemaker. He is a must see! hillarious

We had a "HotTub" party at my dads

We were celebrating meeting up with....

Our best old pals, The Bell's

Don't you wish we all looked this cute in our suits?

Ivy and her Grandpa dan

Melissa and her boys are inside pro's on everything Disney. They got season passes when they moved to California. Jaxon was convinced the Xavier lived at Disneyland until we went to they're new place.

Disneyland just would'nt be the same without Goofy

Ross was just like a little kid there!

If you ask Jaxon this was the best part about Disneyland

Who knew painting his face like a pirate

would be the highlight of his whole trip?


Trevor and Calyn said...

Sounds like a BLAST! I'm so jealous. When Jaxon said, "Are you Chinese?" It reminds me of when I asked the guy at Baker's if he had a weenie!!

Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh that is so awesome you took a trip, Brynlee loved Disneyworld and won't stop talking about our trip when we went. Your brother looks just like your dad! I love all the pictures. Remember when I went to Cali to visit you, I cried on the plane because I was so sad to leave. You have such a great family!!!

The Bell Family said...

That was the best trip ever. We were so sad to see you go. I really wished you lived here with us and we could take the boys to Disneyland on a whim. We miss you guys!!