Friday, April 9, 2010

From the mouth of Jax!

How come everyone else gets step moms and step dad? No fair that only have one mom and one dad.

I was listening for Heavenly Father to whisper in my ear in bed last night and I thought it was him trying to tell me a secret but it was that sneaky rabbit eating coloring books under my bed

Mom, do you think Blayke will have big huge boobs when shes grows up to me a mom.

Jaxon started crying on the way to Judo the other day and when I asked him why he said, "Mom, I just never want to get so tough that I beat up daddy because I love him too much. I'm getting so strong and tough at Judo that I think I might whoop him soon".


Tito and The Gang said...

What an awesome kid.

Shannon said...

i am dying laughing about Blaykes boobs!!! hahaha