Monday, April 5, 2010

Ya Ya and the little harlet!

Ivy is cracking us up so much lately! She is a little exhibitionist in the making. She dances like a 16 year old and loves an audience more than anything!

Ivy will perform for anyone one who will watch and clap along. I have a sneaking suspicion she got this gene from her mama. My parents were always finding me dancing at the beach for anyone who would watch. I went missing once at Medieval Times dinner show when I was about 10. I was discovered on the dance floor of the night club inside by my poor embarrassed father.

YA YA called and asked out Jaxon on a hot date to "How to train your dragon" the movie on Saturday. He was so excited to go on a special date with his YA YA. He's still talking about the movie!

Ya Ya came over and took the kids and dogs on a little walk around our property the other day too. Oh, how I just love grandmas that come over and take over kid duties just in the nick of time. It's like they really always know when I've had enough. God bless them for it! Love You Rach!

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