Monday, April 19, 2010


So Pam and I go way back! Well,not exactly but I'm a major SUPERFAN for lack of a better word. When we found out that Witney was going to be on Dancing With The Stars Tori Jo and I became super horny (for lack of a better word)! We forced her to get pictures with our girl! Thanks again Whit....

How cute is she?

I love myself some Derek too! I am living vicariously through a 16 year old right now.

We were hoping Whitney would ask Jake "The Bachelor" why he picked that nasty Vienna! I'm still sick about that one. I swore off watching the Bachelor after that deal but I've said that a few times now and keep coming back for more torture!!! Did I mention that I'm also way to involved in the lives of reality show personalities?

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The Bell Family said...

LUCKY GIRL!!! We need to get tickets to a taping. Have Debbie work her connection.