Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Long time no Blog!!!

Good little girls grow up to be wild wild women!!!!

I thought this was just the cutest picture of Ross walking Jax into the movie theater for a fun night with Bubba and PaPa Leo. They watched the chiltlins while Ross and I.........

Went to a great concert with a fun party afterwards at Vinno Rosso!!!!

May Day at MD Nursery was so adorable and the kids loved all the fun things they had for them to do. The baby chicks were a huge hit!

This is what the view from my rearview mirror looks like most days! Too cute....
This disease ridden mongrel got bstuck on our screen the other day and kept Jax entertained for at least an hour.

Jax and Blayke head out on a romantic stroll through the Driggs park!

Did I mention that Ivy is the biggest little roughneck I've ever seen! She's a wild one with an angels face!

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alicia said...

looks like some fun times with your little ones! and wow no snow at the park ;)