Friday, May 7, 2010

Straight from the mouth of JAX

Before I forget i just had to write a few of my favorite things that Jaxon has said lately...........
While watching the cartoon, Kai-Lan the other day he told me he was so sad that chinese people eat ducklings. It turns out they were talking about Dumplings! I'm pretty sure they eat both but I did'nt have the energy to go into that whole deal.

Jax asked me if Tori left her tools and her ladder in her car everyday when she came to drop off Blayke. I was so confused and asked why she would have those things anyways. He said, "well, I know shes going to work to make some circle monies(coins) and I bet she needs them when she gets to her job site". I told him she was not a construction worker and that she was a hair stylist. He said, "Mom, thats not a job! Moms just cut their kids hair because thats part of what moms do". I still crack up thinking that all this time he thought that tori was swinging a hammer all day long while scaling up and down a ladder.

At judo yesterday the kids were making a cute little art project to give to their moms for Mother's Day! He looked at me and said, "Mommy, I know you're my mom but do I have a mother too?" I guess I have never really used the word, "MOTHER" a whole lot!

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The Bell Family said...

I miss that kid. He's always been a thoughtful little guy.