Monday, October 18, 2010

Listening in on my kiddo's

Ivy can pretty much say anything these days and I love watching her put words together now. Besides this new awful high pitched growl she does now at anything that does'nt go exactly her way these are some of her favoites...
* "Ivy do it"
* "push play momma"
* "no pee pee in the potty"
* "Diaper on please"
* My favorite is when I catch her talking on her play phone and says,"hey,baby"!

Jax is so full of new ideas and insights into the ways of the world.
here's a few of my favorites......
* Jax told my mom the other day that there is a boy at his school that washes his hands and they are still black. (Only in Idaho).
* "When I grow up do you think I'll have hairs on my nipples like dad"
* He looked at me in the eye yesterday and said, "Seriously, mom. Who do you think you are".


The Griffins said...

priceless. damn cute kids Afton!!!!

jessica said...

Ok I am laughing at the hand washing! Last week I was walking across the street with bare feet when trae quickly came after me yelling... mom- u have to wear shoes.... mom u know mason( a black boy) he rolled around in the road for like weeks and his skin stained! So sad!