Sunday, October 10, 2010

We are so glamorous....

Drakes birthday was on Friday. These little cousins are becoming the best of friends.

I realize that most pictures you try to take of yourself are most likely going to turn out hideous. That's just why I keep on trying to get a good one. Maybe next time.

Today I painted Jax up like Frankenstein. I can't believe how scary he looked.

So......While there is no target store, most women my age are a little hairy and pimp out their Subaru's,people still say,"Ain't", and last week several people called my car an, "OUTFIT". It sure is a beautiful little spot in the world.

So beautiful that I have resorted to making homemade mouse traps. This is very advanced indeed. All you need is a bucket, coke can, peanut butter and a couple sticks. Thanks Deseree for sharing your mountain mama wisdom with me.
This is the before picture of Roscoe's hair. I forgot to take the after when I finished cutting it into a semi normal looking coif. You get the idea....

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The Bell Family said...

You're such a fun mom...always up for some face painting. I can't believe how cute Ivy is getting. That last picture is just adorable. Love you guys!